Ideas – Footsteps

I was interested in creating a sense of time within my film piece. Although I had already thought about using the Newton’s Cradle with the sound of the spheres creating a ticking sound I also wanted to further emphasize the idea of time passing.

As I already had the idea of using the plimsolls abandoned in a tree, I felt I should perhaps film some footage of a child’s feet walking while wearing similar plimsolls.  I felt that by doing this, the film would perhaps communicate a narrative and hopefully suggest differing meanings to the viewer as follows:

  • When the plimsolls are worn, the footwear has one straight forward meaning in terms of phenomenology and perception to the viewer – they are used for walking and protecting one’s feet;
  • However, when the plimsolls are abandoned in the tree, they could perhaps be said to take on a sense of animism and their purpose has changed.

Also, I felt that the sound of the footsteps would compliment the sound of the ticking Newton’s Cradle and further highlight time lapsing.


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