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Poster & Photograph

On 19 May 2014 the group arranged to visit Karst and Saltram House to take some photographs for the exhibition poster.  We decided to use a single antique chair (provided by Jem Williams’) and a set of headphones to give the idea that the work was a sound piece.  Below are some examples of the photographs which Ellena Simpson took:

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Photographs by Ellena Simpson

As a group we decided on a photo which Ellena had taken inside The Orangery.  We felt that it made more sense to use a photograph from of part of Saltram’s grounds instead of Karst Gallery which had no relation to the project.  By using a photo taken of Saltram, it also linked to our proposal regarding sense of place. Ellena produced a draft poster as follows:

Draft poster by Ellena Simpson (spelling of Orangery needs to be amended)
Draft poster by Ellena Simpson (spelling of Orangery needs to be amended)

Press Release

On 15 May I was nominated by the group to draft up the press release for The Orangery exhibition.  I shared this with the group on our Facebook page and also emailed our tutor Edith Doove:

Title, 2014
Art Exhibition

The Orangery, Saltram House


Plymouth College of Art BA (Hon) Fine Art, Critical and Curatorial Practices third year students are delighted to present a new body of work in The Orangery, Saltram House. The exhibition aims to encourage the visitor to reflect on Saltram’s stunning environment by considering the auditory ambience of the historic grounds.

In collaboration with students of the music production centre Deep Blue Sound Ltd the main featured work will comprise of a contemporary sound piece to compliment the ground’s timeless landscape. By combining audio recordings of Saltram’s natural surroundings with classical music and relevant literary spoken text the artists hope to provide the visitor with an inclusive sensory experience – evoking ideas of escapism, aura and place.

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On 29 April 2014 Reiss Portman drafted up the following proposal for Saltram House to send to Deep Blue Sound:

Saltram House Orangerie Exhibition Proposal

A concept based around ‘experience, aura and sense of place’ has been proposed amongst the group for the upcoming summer exhibition at Saltram House.

Using furniture, text and sound recordings to explore the theme of escapism we intend to create, within the space, reflections of the ‘experience, aura and sense of place’ of the present location and historical themes relating to the surrounding vicinity.

The sound recordings will be specifically made for the exhibition, and will focus on sounds produced within the grounds of Saltram that are easily over looked, birdsong, trees in the wind and walking on gravel for example; combined into one or a number of sound pieces. By distinctly focusing on these sounds it is easier to immerse yourself within a place, situation or certain experience, which is something people desire whilst visiting.

Saltram’s historical links with literature will be explored within the show through a live book reading at the opening, relating to the idea of ‘escaping in text’. The text used will be taken from the letters exchanged between Jane Austin and The Countess of Morely, Frances Talbot. This text not only offers an insight into the history of Saltram but also offers a personal experience that can resonate with the audience, again creating a new experience, aura and sense of place.

We have established a connection with Deep Blue Sound Music College to collaborate with throughout the exhibition in order to provide work experience for the students in exchange for loaning equipment; this is currently under negotiation.

Soundboards and antique furniture will fill the space and inhabit the role of sculptures, becoming aesthetically pleasing as well as technically beneficial.

These methods will amalgamate into communication with the audience. The aim of this exhibition is to highlight the unseen yet essential contributing factors, which combine to form the Saltram Experience.